Articles For Traffic

Writing articles and submitting them to article directories is one of the oldest ways to drive attention to your business online.

The concept is simple: You write good content concerning the topics that fit your products and are allowed to include a resource box at the end with a link to your website. You submit your article to article directories and other webmasters will take that article and publish it on their website.

Article Marketing is still worth doing few specific reasons:

  • It costs absolutely nothing (except your time).
  • Establishes your professionalism, expertise, and knowledge in your industry.
  • Article directories are still a decent source for inbound links. Just make sure you apply some common sense. Pick one of the main directories to get link benefit from and no-follow all of the others.

You know your products well enough to write about what they will do for someone.

Always focus on the benefits your products provide to their users.

Think of what the consumer needs to know about your products.

You should easily be able to come up with 10 or more ideas about articles you could write.

Here are sources for when your ideas run out:

Forums in your niche – pay attention to the questions being asked. Odds are that others are wondering about that same question.

There are thousands of article directories online, but is the most well known. This is important, because you can get ideas for articles by reading ones that are already there. Don’t plagiarize, but get ideas from articles that have been written.

Your competition’s websites! Check the content on your competition’s site. If they have great content, recreate it in your own words and distribute it.

Blogs! Use your main keywords and the term “blog” and take a look at what people are talking about in your area of expertise. Check the comments on posts and the ones with the most comments are the common questions that need to be answered.

Thinking outside of the box is what will separate you from the others competing with you.

Here are a few things I do that most of my competitors don’t:

E-zines – Look for popular e-zines and check their index page for a “submit article” link. You could have your article distributed to thousands for free. Normally they will also publish your article on their website, providing you with a link to your website.

Forums – Most forums include an area for articles. This is another great way to get your possible customers to find your information and realize that you are a genius and they need to spend money at your website.

Distributing your articles is a necessity to gain the best exposure. My favorite article sites are:



Your articles must be written to pull in the reader, if you want the most traffic from your efforts. One way to do this is to write a series of articles and put additional information on your blog or your website. Link to this additional content in your resource box of the article and tell the reader to “go here” to get more information. Since you control your own website, you can advertise anything you want on that page.

There are hundreds of other ways to motivate a reader to visit your site.

I have a secret recommendation regarding these sites to truly set apart your results.

Test different resource boxes! To do this you must submit the same article to all 4 of the top sites with varied resource boxes. Track which resource box gets the most clicks. Once you have those results, use the one that gets the most clicks for a full distribution.

The Next Level of Article Marketing

Writing articles and submitting them is old school. Don’t get me wrong, it still works and you need to incorporate it into your SEO/Marketing strategy. What can we do with an article now that couldn’t be done before?

Turn your article into a video! Take your article and break it down into bullet points. You can do this by taking the most important points and making them as simple as possible. Grab some images from any stock or royalty free image service you like to use. Go into any graphics program and make all of the images the same size.
Next, type your bullet-points right on the images. Find some decent background music or use a microphone to narrate your video yourself. You now have a video article that you can distribute to all of the video services. You can to include a watermark with your website address or a call to action at the end of your video.
An article that is well written can be turned into any number of different things.

To kick this up a notch, use motion video backgrounds instead of static images.

The first question to ask yourself is what you want your articles to achieve for you.

Do you want it up for some extra links for SEO purposes?

Are you looking to get more traffic?

Would it be OK if it went viral?

Once you figure out what you need your article to accomplish, think about what else you could do with the ideas presented in your article. Here are some options for you:

Could you turn it into a viral style Ebook in PDF format to promote your products?
Is the content good enough to become a blog post (the answer to this should almost always be yes)?
Would this work well as a spoken podcast?

Do you have a bunch of articles on one topic? If not, you will soon. When you do, think about what it would take for you to combine those articles and create a book.

Your book can be one that is found in bookstores or something digital. It depends on what your content says to you when you put it together. Keep an open mind and be prepared to put in a little effort. Apply your ideas and watch your content spread across the web.  

Epic Content Machine – Of course, I’m biased because this software is mine… 
Syndwire – Automated social bookmarking software.

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