Banner Ads

We’ve got the insiders story on how to make banner ads work to get you real traffic!

First off you have probably heard that someone needs to see your offer 7 times before they even consider it.  This often really is the case which is why banner ads can be so great, because you can get lot’s and lot’s of banner ad impressions showing your site, very cheaply!

Let’s get you some free online banner makers:


And here is a listing of banner exchanges:

Banner Exchanges Christian Banner Exchange (Christian/Religious Sites Only) THE 4PLAYERS.COM BANNER EXCHANGE (highest reported daily traffic, peaks up to 300,000 per day) MediaServices Network

Tradezone Trade Leads Products Manufacturers Importers Exporters and Buyers

Home Financial Services



Banner advertising is the perfect way to take advantage of a way to get people seeing your website URL and logo a lot of times in  a lot of places.

You have a nice looking graphic ad created and pay to have it posted on sites that have traffic that would be interested in what you have to offer.

Your banner should be created with your customer in mind and lure them in to find out more. Curiosity will get you new visitors and customers you may not have ever found. The more they see your ad the more likely they will become curious enough to visit your site for more information.

Your banner ads should be left in place for as long as you can afford to test them. If you get zero results from a banner ad that has gotten 10,000 impressions, then it’s time to think about not paying for that anymore. A simple 100 or 1,000 impressions isn’t enough to be sure that the right people have seen your ad. The best case scenario with this is to be able to “split test” your banner against a different ad. Simple changes in wording can result in massive differences in click through rates. Test everything and your results will always be improving.

Finding places to put your banners is not hard at all. Forums are a great place to pay for this type of advertising.

Blogs can work extremely well, too. With blogs, be sure that it is content heavy and not filled with promotions of other products. When searching for sites in your niche that you can dominate, look to see if they have advertising and what types they have.

Banner exchange networks exist where you can post banners of other companies on a page and you will get impressions of your own banner based on how many times you show theirs.

Create as many different types of banners as you possibly can.

If you are not a graphics capable person, hire someone to do it for you.

Nothing is worse than an ugly banner ad

Common sizes include:

468 X 60, 120 X 60, 125 X 125, 250 X 250, 600 X 160, and 88 X 31 (measured in pixels).

“Banner Blindness” occurs when you’ve had the same banner in the same location for two or three months. When people get used to seeing your banners, they don’t have the same impact as when they originally see them. You can avoid this situation by having 3 sets of banners created with different color schemes and rotating them every 2 months.