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bulk solos

Our team traffic experts have set up a system where we rotate ad solo buy’s with several  services that we deem to be quality senders.

Typically this traffic is considered “bulk” and is like panning for gold where you have a pan full of sand and you are looking for the sparkle.

We only use sources that give us a shot a sparkle however please note this is the medium quality of solo ads that you can purchase around the net.

We don’t have any junk here but we did want you to know this is not our buyers lists of premium click traffic.

500 solo ads with a guaranteed minimum of 500 clicks $24.95:

500 Solos + Guaranteed Clicks

Secret Weapon Traffic


This is the juice.

Most people trying to make money online will never have this kind of traffic. As in, they just will never have it.

And the rare few that do will closely guard it.  You will know who they are because they are the one’s that are on the top of the leader boards when you join a company, and they are so far out in front their numbers are not even a goal for you.

Typically traffic in this category will cost you $1.35 – $1.90 per click.

This is that traffic.

We offer our members top traffic sources, the good stuff. Only the good stuff.

We don’t want bogus traffic and we refuse  to sell bogus traffic.

Not how we roll.

We, Rob, Ross and I ( Paul Darby ) hope that you have the marketing system described here in your TNMC members area and that you are sending 100% of this to a landing page you have hosted there.

We use that marketing system, we created it.

If you will load a good landing page in it, and set up your marketing follow ups with it and then pour traffic on the link you create there on a regular basis, you can reasonably expect to build your list and generate income.

Our affiliate page shows an income example that you may want to shoot for and then go beyond.

Please note that income comments below are based upon those members purchasing these click packages and sending them to their TNMC affiliate links using our marketing system.

That is what we test and split test and test more to keep us hot, hot, hot.

If you are not marketing TNMC but something else, that is fine just please note that we have no idea what kind of return you will get from other programs and other marketing systems…

Click below to order 50 guaranteed clicks
TNMC Premium Traffic at $0.85 per click for a total traffic order of $42.50.

This is a beginner level entry and is  here so that you can track your clicks to find out our service really delivers the correct amount of traffic ordered.

You should see tracking activity and even see a sign up or few to your auto-responder account, sometimes you will see an order directly from this, but typically your orders will come as you build your list and market via emails, text and phone messaging to them.

50 Premium Clicks

Click below to order 100 guaranteed clicks
TNMC Premium Traffic at $0.83 per click for a total traffic order of $83.00.

This is a test level entry as you can only begin seeing what is going on with a traffic source with 100 click test of the service as you begin to build your list and see activity with this level of ordering.

100 Premium Clicks

Click below to order 250 guaranteed clicks
TNMC Premium Traffic at $0.80 per click for a total traffic order of $200

This is an intermediate but acceptable level of traffic purchase and will demonstrate clicks, visits, give you some data and probably start building your list and may get you a front end sale or two!

Front end means before you start marketing to your new list from your auto-responder so that your marketing can begin to bring in orders.

250 Premium Clicks

Click below to order 500 guaranteed clicks

0.77 cents per click…

You will start seeing some real numbers of auto-responder sign ups and front end sales with this package and your list will really get a jump start!

500 Premium Clicks

Click below to order 1,000 guaranteed clicks

This is where us owners are buying and already see our first advertisers requesting this size click package.

We offer this premium clicks to you at only 0.75 per click!

This is for marketers who are serious about making income online.  This is not profiting a few dollars but can set you up for significant  monthly income.

When you are able to purchase this level of clicks multiple times per month  out of the profits from your previous orders you can literally and reasonably expect to fund a lifestyle income.

Typically our packages are testing that you make 100% of your ad buy back on your new customers 2nd monthly payment for their membership That is a fast and exceptional return.

1,000 Premium Clicks


  • As an affiliate you make $0.05 cents for every click purchased from every member you have ever or will ever refer!