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Take A Video Break

Do you ever get “down”?  or overwhelmed when you are trying to learn something new?

Or, do you ever just need a boost?

I have found some videos on the net that I return to again and again as I learn from them and get a good shot of, “Go Get  Em Tiger” when I watch them.

They may not all be your thing but we think that you will find one or two that you will be glad to have!


Jim Rohn – The 3 Percent

[svpGlobalVideo v=5]


Jim Rohn – Stupid, Broke, Sick and Ugly

[svpVideo v=2]


Sly Stallone – Stand Up You Can Do This

[svpVideo v=3]


Les Brown – Be Fearless

[svpVideo v=4]


8 Minutes – Pure Motivation

[svpVideo v=6]