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Our Marketing System ROCKS!

Marketng System How To


Really important info for you, you will ask about this later…

You can be an affiliate with TNMC with out having our custom marketing system, we do not recommend it but you can.

If so you will market with the link you get above in your affiliates area.

If you have Automated Funnel Pros you will use the link that you get from your members area there.

This is because you will set up your custom auto-responders and prospect and customer contacts there.

Your TNMC pages and email campaigns are waiting for you, all
you will need to do, is to enter your affiliate link from your members area with us, in the emails and messages you send out to your new list there!

Here are 2 example affiliate links:

Yes – You ARE a member of Automated Funnel Pros so your affiliate link looks like this:

No – You are not a member of Automated Funnel Pros so you use
your affiliate link from the affiliate area link at the bottom of this page and it looks like this:



It is really easy, but if I have confused you, they have videos on almost ever page in the top right, plus we both have support people to help you

Automated Funnel Pro’s has a good listing of help videos which can be found on the top right hand side corner of the page and also on the system training link.

Below I will provide some specific video help in hooking your TNMC traffic system up with your AFP marketing system.

First some text instructions:

This is how to attach your TNMC affiliate link to your AFP auto-responder messages as well as text and phone broadcasts!

How to set your auto-resonder up in Automated Funnel Pros:

Log in to your “Affiliate Store” at
using the affiliate store link.

There you will find your affiliate link.

Mine as your example to see is:

IF you are a “TOP GUN” internet marketer you will have or will
go now and get, and will go to
Automated Funnel Pro’s and pick the 192 survey page link.

Follow the menus to get there:

1) My Marketing Pages
2) Lead Capture
3) 192 Per Day Survey – TNMC – Step 1

Now you see the link you will advertise with! BUT WAIT!

You have to put in your TNMC affiliate link into your redirect
on that page! It’s easy it’s right there by the page link.

Follow the menus to get there:
1) My Profile
2) Set up
3)basic company info

Then enter your TNMC affiliate link into the basic company info text box and save the page!

BOOM!  Now your AFP system is ready to ROCK!