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So let’s just go with  a simple, what do I do first,  or what do I do now kind of conversation …

I would recommend that you enjoy having this resource and Traffic App knowing you can come here and read lessons, watch videos, order traffic, shop for gear pretty much when ever you want to!

So have fun, plug in as you are best suited and don’t stress over the little stuff!

Good Job.   Ready?  Good because here we go…

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Concept And Overview –  TNMC is a traffic App and membership that enables any member to instantly access the top resources to learn how to generate traffic and or, to order the best traffic available directly from their Kindle, Nook, Laptop, PC or mobile device anytime they wish.

How To Use –  Using TNMC is pretty much intuitive and can be done how ever the member chooses, but we do have some suggestions to make this more enjoyable and effective for getting traffic and income.

First Steps –  The first thing to do is to check out all the resources you have now as a member!

There are several categories for you to view, you can watch video trainings, open “How to get traffic” trainings…

You can watch videos from the Great One’s online where you can learn all kinds of great methods that will increase your income from your online ventures.

You can even place an order for traffic directly from us and you will know that it is the very best traffic imaginable for your online business to gain new visitors!

So our best recommendation to you is to simply, relax… have fun, learn when you want and order traffic when you want.

Mostly just plug in and be a part of your own success story.  We have made it easier than ever for you to do just that!

Now Let’s Talk About Your Marketing System!

One of the major mistakes that kills more businesses than almost anything else we’ve seen online is when people find some program or affiliate link they like, and they buy traffic and send the traffic directly to that page.

You believe us that this is the “kiss of death online” if you have been doing it.

The “FIX” for that is to have a marketing system in place that will nicely, courteously and judiciously bring your prospective customers from introduction to delivery of their product or service ( that they just bought from you ).

And then enable you to share other useful things you find to share online with them so they may purchase something else from you.

And then.. rinse and repeat.

That is marketing! And now that you have the traffic that supports real marketing, let’s get you going!

Automated Funnel Pro’s is “THE” system to use if you want to generate an income, a very nice income, online.

That is why we use it and why it is here for you to use, if you choose to.

You will get an affiliate link from THMC and may use that without any marketing system in place, or you may have another that you wish to use.

Great.  Just please make sure you know what you may be missing without the use of Automated Funnel Pro’s…

When you first sign up to The Net Millionaires Club, you will get an email thanking you for your visit and inviting you to confirm that you want more messages from us.

You also get a phone call and a text message!  All automatically done by Automated Funnel Pros!

We have written your emails, your texts and have the marketing system of your dreams waiting for you to use.

Again, it is not mandatory, only highly suggested that you plug in to AFP.

There are about a zillion reasons for you to use the AFP system but the best way for you to decide is probably for you to click on the “YOUR MARKETING SYSTEM” link and to go and try it out free for a week.

You will see some amazing technology that will really help you to significantly increase your online income.

How AFP works with TNMC…

When you log into your AFP account ( Automated Funnel Pros ) you will see email lists already set up with your TNMC emails ready to send.

You will also see TNMC pages ready to use!

The best thing for you to do is to, RELAX and realize it is a new system to you, don’t stress out, just have fun with your new “thing” and learn now to use it.

The support you get and training will have you up to expert status in no time!

And that system with the traffic you get from TNMC.. you should be ROCKIN the net in no time!

Here’s a flow chart you may follow:

Please note if you use your affiliate link from TNMC, that will be where you send all your traffic to.

If you use the marketing system ( highly recommended ) you will send people to the link you get for your TNMC page.

And then in your emails going out to people from your marketing system, you will put your TNMC affiliate link and you should also include your marketing system affiliate link so you can make money from that as well!

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