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Solo Ads

The Net Millionaires Club members have the very best traffic resources available on the net.

With the level of talent and success of our team  who put together the TNMC traffic app, you can be assured that you are now in direct contact with the top people providing the best traffic resources and ordering online.

We do want to share though some thoughts as you may choose to know the thinking we use when considering any source selling solo ads…

A big shot internet marketer’s personal list -this in my opinion is the top one or two best sources for you to advertise with to get optimum results.

When I started out many years ago there was  a fella named Howard Moreland who had a huge list.  Another gentleman of whom I now call friend, Mike Glaspie is another well known marketer with huge lists.

So in the beginning, I would buy a solo ad from them, this was starting in about 1997 and I remember paying $2,000.00 for a send from either of them.

$2,000.00 was a lot of money for me.  Was then, still is.  But… when I would send a solo to their list, I would always make my money back in 24 hours of their sending it.

This was for two reasons, I write very good copy and offer really cool stuff and good price points.

So I would spend a couple of thousand bucks, make my money back and end up with 200-600 new subscribers on my list.

This works only when you find someone who does not typically sell their list out.

The next category of solo ads will cover services that are set up just to sell solo ads.  This is a far cry from finding this gem, and will be discussed below…

Here’s how to get one of these types of solo ads and how sometimes get it free.

First, sometime when you find a site that you really like and is in the same catatgory as your site and stuff you are selling, make a note of it.

Go to that site and find an email address.

TIP: if you can not find an email address try looking for a support link.

TIP: When writing be very, very, very courteous and brief.  If you like the site probably so do others and that means they may have a lot of business going so they are not necessarily looking at emails from people who want something from them.

So write them an email and if you have a significant list of your own, offer to trade a solo ad send.

You can say, I have 1,000 active subscribers on my list would you be interested in sending me a solo ad that I can send to them, and then I can send you an ad to send to 1,000 of your subscribers.

You will not get a “Yes” everytime, but when you do it can be like finding a gold nugget the size of your foot!

If you do not have a list and it is your product you can offer a crazy affiliate commission just so that you build your list of buyers.  Typically 75%+.

Just be courteous and nice as if you happen to email someone who is also courteous and nice you may end up with a “deal”.


An “Insiders” real solo ad source from SEO experts – This is a tie for first place in the world of getting solo ads that convert into money in your pocket and a larger list.

However if you have ever read, “Guru’s don’t want you to know their secrets”, this may be one of the very few times this is true.

Having a real traffic source that works, is like being a guy and having a cologne that makes every woman on the planet instantly attracted to you.

In other words, if you have it, you will guard it with your life and probably not be real quick to pour it out or give it away.

With that in mind, there are some traffic solo ad sources that are good and truth be known, there are only a very few that are real good and all the rest you see are either, not good or are all buying from one of the few sources that are.

That is why you can order “clicks” for over a buck from a few services and get great clicks, because they are all buying from the same source and paying $1.00+ per click.

We don’t want to brag but TNMC.. we are connected to that source in a way that we can not share, but you can know… we have the solo traffic from people that want to see websites that have business opportunities, affiliate programs and ways to make money, and we do not charge you over a $1.00 a click for it.

A solo ad from a solo ad service – This can also be an excellent source of traffic and visitors for you.

You will want to have a splash page that is excellent, meaning it converts.

No using company splash pages from some other company where they may be “cookied” by seeing another affiliates site that is just like yours, and then you buy the solo ad, they buy it and some one who showed them the same site earlier gets the sale and commission.

Always, always, always use your own splash page and make it a good one.

Keep in mind the Dale Carnigue quote and you should do fine: Attention, Desire, Interest, Conviction, Close.

Another little saying you can remember when creating or paying someone to create your splash page is, RADIO STATION WIIFM

What’s In It For Me!

If everything on your splash page is only about what the benefit is for your visitor you will probably end up with a splash page that converts!

A solo ad from an online Traffic Exchange type website these can be sometimes good, sometimes worthless, Typically they are cheap so if you are running a good splash paget then you can quickly tell if you are getting your money’s worth before you spend very much of your money buying more.



We have compiled a list of solo ad providers outside of the TNMC
traffic app:

Solo Ad Providers






Podcasts = Traffic

We recommend incorporating Podcasts into your marketing.

Why? Two reasons:

  1.  Interaction from your visitors = Return Visitors = Traffic

2.  Podcasts are easy to do, can be a lot of fun to do, and really can get you some great traffic!

Podcasts are an MP3 file of you talking about anything you can imagine. Once again, these should be informative, entertaining, and valuable. You must then take these podcasts and submit them to Podcast directories. People will load them onto their MP3 players and listen to them at their leisure.

Podcasts work very well because they require what most people avoid: Work.

I recommend incorporating podcasts and youtube videos into your blogs to generate more interaction from your visitors.

The competition is picking up for Podcasts, but most markets are still wide open.

Audacity is great free audio mixing software –

You’ll need the lame plug-in for MP3s –

Formatting your Podcast is simple with the software above, but you need to make sure it compares to your competition.

Find a Podcast from a name you recognize in your industry. Listen to it! Do your best to mirror the level of professionalism found in the Podcast.

To manage your Podcast, I strongly recommend creating a new WordPress blog and adding the Powerpress plugin to it. It will add a second RSS feed to your blog automatically that will give you the ability to distribute your podcast to podcast directories and RSS aggregators. It also makes it a breeze to set your podcast up for ITunes and other sites.

Below are some links to good directories for podcasting.

Podcast Directories


Ninja trick: Most people do a weekly podcast, which is fine. What if you recorded a short series that solved a specific problem for your audience? 5 – 10 audio files that take the listener from start to finish through a process that ends with buying what you sell. Nobody does it, but it’s totally acceptable (there are no written rules when it comes to podcasting). Once you have one up, record another, and another.

Please take a moment to download your Podcasting Guide below:

Podcasting Guide PDF

Infographic Traffic

We want the members of TNMC to know about and consider using infographics to gain more traffic.

Data posted from Unbounce, says that the demand for infographics from the public has exploded by 800% in the last few years!

If you want to create infographics with the potential to send a portion of that exploding audience of qualified visitors to your site then, you’ll want to take note of this module.

If you have Photoshop CC and know how to use it, you may be able to create a good solid infographic without using a third party  but most of us can’t.

So here is a great list of links that will get you started if you are not a professional graphic designer



Believe it or not the first step to making a good infographic is starting with solid data…

The key to any infographic is to provide a series of data points.

Your goal as the marketer creating it is to prove a point and lead someone to your company or one of your products. Most infographics are simply done wrong.

Use the aggregators below (in accordion) to find data points related to what you sell. If you sold mattresses, sleep data would be viable to you. Pain management data could be used, too.

Data Aggregator Links




Links to Submit the Infographic - Aggregators and Directories

Here is a short list:



Submit Infographics to our Infographic Directory

Submit Infographics

Review My Infographic


Submit Infographics – Share Your Infographics (Paid)

Submit Infographic (videos only)

Submit infographic


Submit an Infographic

Submit Infographics to our Infographic Directory (Paid) (Paid)


Be creative in this part and think about the underlying problems your products solve…

Solve a problem and traffic will follow!

Planning – Wireframe

Create a basic visual layout for infographics. Use data points and plan out which data goes where.

This is extremely helpful for a designer if you end up hiring someone else to create it for you and not using the links we provided above.

You can often find good designers very inexpensively on

I’ve provided editable templates for you below that you can use in a photo editing software to create your own infographic.

See –

Always share your original infographic post to your social network to increase the odds of viral exposure.

Now take a few minutes to download your free Infographic Template and Designs by clicking the button below.

Infographic Template and Designs Zip

Do Your Testing For More Traffic

Traffic. Traffic. Traffic.

The first thing that we hear about when we’re establishing a business these days is getting traffic online. And yes, traffic is very important. After your website starts getting the traffic that you want, what happens next?

TNMC members now have all the traffic they can ever want or need using our TNMC app, however the way you now treat your new prospective customers and customers is a big determination to how much income you will be able to make!

The fact is you can have tons of traffic coming to your website and still not make a sale, get one opt-in or create any leads. When traffic comes to your website, you want those visitors to do something. That “something,” that action is called your most wanted response. Once you really know what you want them to do then you have a goal. Every time they do the desired action, you win. Every time they don’t, you lose. This is critical if you are using PPC (pay per click) to drive traffic to your website. Every click costs you money and if that click does not result in the traffic taking the action you want then you are losing money and wasting time.

From here on out, the act of getting that visitor to perform that desired action will be referred to as “conversion.”
Again, conversion is another name for the visitor coming to your website and taking the action that you want them to take. Nothing more, nothing less. Conversion is a yes or no metric. Either they do what you want them to do or not.

For example:

They give you their name and email address – Yes or No
They purchase your product – Yes or No
The fill out a form and submit it – Yes or No

You see, with conversion either they take that action that you want or they don’t. Your job as the website owner is to make the road to taking the desired action smooth and easy. A lot of factors play into this:

Readability – How easy is it to read and understand your webpage?
Color – Are you using the right colors?
Call to Action – Are your instructions clear in regards to what you want the person to do?
Source of the Traffic – Where did the traffic that is seeing your page come from?

All these are easy to change and therefore easy to test.

Tracking and Testing

For some reason, people often have a hard time with testing their websites and landing pages. Testing really is silently asking your visitors a few simple questions.

Question 1: Do you like this? Or do you like that?
Question 2: Do you like it better if I say it this way? Or do you like it better if I say it that way?
Question 3: Do you like the way this looks? Or do you like it better if I present my page to you this way?

That’s it. Testing is really about asking questions to your visitor and letting them make a decision in the moment. This is what I call a forced survey. Why a “forced survey?”

When you do a standard survey, people know that they are being asked a question. When folks know they are being asked a question for the sake of a survey, many times they change their answers to accommodate the person asking the question. In the case of a “forced survey” you just present the situation to the visitor and let them respond. Either they like it, or they don’t. Either they move forward toward your most wanted response and take the desired action, or they don’t. It is that simple. Yes or no. Either they like what they see or what you are saying, or they don’t.

A forced survey like this is commonly called split testing. That is when you show some of your visitors one version of your webpage or landing page and you show some of your visitors another version of your landing page or website.

Split testing can be as simple as changing the:

Opening Paragraph
Color of the Background
Use of Video
Use of Audio

Anything that is on the page that the visitor sees is something that can be split tested.

So why do you want to split test your pages? Good question…

Just like when you were in school, testing makes you better. Testing allows you to get to know what your visitors like and don’t like. Split testing allows you to better know:

How to present your product or service
What pictures they like
What words they like to hear (or read) when being presented your product or service
What visuals they like to see as you present your product or service
What type of benefits they like to hear
What features they what to know about in relation to your product or service

Knowing these answers will let you fine-tune your site, and you can sell more product or services to the people who are already coming to your website.

Testing can get ultra complicated if you let it. Really, though, it is just getting to know your visitors better and finding out how to best communicate your message to them.

There are plenty of tools that allow you to split test webpages.

One that is free and simple to use is Google Web Optimizer –
This video series shows you how to set up a test in about 5 minutes.

How do you know when the test is complete? This is handled by something called Statistical Confidence and Validity. This long word set – Statistical Confidence and Validity – means I did this test enough times to know that it was not a change occurrence and I am pretty sure that what happened during my test will continue into the future as long as I don’t change the traffic source. Statistical Confidence and Validity relies on the number of times the page was seen and the desired action was taken in relation to how many times the visitors saw the other page and took the desired action when they saw that page. It is as simple as that. There is some interesting math that goes on in the background. But we don’t have to concern ourselves with that here.

Another way to check the validity of your results is to try this tool at the website

You’ll see that the tool asks for the “Number of Clicks.” This is where you enter the number of sales or leads that you have gotten from your landing page. Then, enter the number of people who have seen your landing page.

Do this for version one and for version two.

The math will be done in the background and the program will tell you how confident you can be of your future results for the test that you are running.

Go ahead and play with the tool:

Enter 100 as the number of impressions (how many times the page was seen) for both Ad1 and Ad2.

Enter 4 for Ad1 number of clicks. Enter 7 for Ad2.

You should see a message that reads: Confidence in the long term outcome of your ads can not yet be established. You should let your test run some more to gather more data.

Now enter 12 for Ad2. You should see a message that reads: Ad 2 has a higher CTR than Ad 1. You can be 95% confident that this result is real, and not due to randomness.

Notice that Statistical Confidence and Validity is based on the difference in the number of actions taken by the visitors. The larger the spread in the number of actions, the more confidence you can put in the winning ad continuing to win.

So how do you get big differences in response to an ad? The simple is answer is to test big variations for version 1 to version 2.

If you are testing headlines, don’t change one word in the headline. Change out the entire headline and the message on the headline.

For example:
Headline 1: How To Train Your Dog To Play Fetch.
Headline 2: Seven Easy Steps To Training Your Dog To Play Catch And Return Games

Big variations in testing should give you some pretty conclusive results.

Split testing might seem like a daunting task; however, it is a skill that is well worth the effort to learn. Follow the steps above and you’ll find that split testing can be easily performed and will yield valuable information for converting your traffic to sales.
Same idea said two completely different ways. One of these will work better in the marketplace.

If don’t know which one. I have a suspicion but until I take them to the marketplace I don’t know.

This brings up a very important point. You can guess and speculate all day long. But until you put the ad, webpage or landing page into the market and let real people see it and respond to the advertisement, you are only guessing and speculating. The true test occurs in the market with real people voting with clicks ands and dollars.

Forget about outcomes and what you think should work and let the market tell you what they like and are willing to respond to.

One very important point to remember: The key to split testing is to only test one thing at a time.

If you test more than one thing at a time you will not be able to keep track of what made the different in your split test.

Don’t make this harder than it needs to be. Test (try) something. See if it works and does better than what you had better. If so, keep it. If not try something else. That is all split testing is. Try this then try that.

Finally. You are probably asking yourself so what do can I test? Here’s a list to get you

Opening Paragraph
Greeting : Dear Friend, Dog Owner, etc
Size of headline
Color Of Headline
Submit Button Color
Submit Button Text
Call to action
Color of the background
The Header Banner
Position of Images on Page

Happy Testing!!!

This was written for me by David Bullock (known as one of the smartest marketers alive) and used with permission.

You Gotta Have A System


Whatever you do in your business, create a system around it. While building up your business, you’ll find yourself doing almost everything and that’s perfectly OK. What we’re doing here is creating systems out of what you do so that you can (someday) go do fun stuff while other people do the work.

Grab a piece of paper and draw a straight line down the middle. On the left column, list all of the steps required to complete a task. On the right column, put the name of the person responsible for it (even if it’s you).

As time goes on, you’ll be able to have other people do different pieces of work that needs to get done.

The PDF files below will help you get the process started.


Business Plan

Evernote Guide

Orgainization Guide

Time Management Guide

Research For Traffic

Some members choose to enjoy simply ordering traffic from their THMC Traffic App and getting the highest quality of visitors available.

Some of our members want to learn how to get excellent  traffic.  And some want both methods.

This section is for our members who wish to learn how to get the best traffic for themselves, because your initial research with good answers for your marketing campaigns is where you best begin.

These worksheets are quite simple to fill in. All you do is answer questions and fill in the blanks.

For demographics data, type in your biggest competitor’s website into either Quantcast or Compete.

For Market research, use Google and social websites. Read through the social research PDF for extra help.

For Keyword research, use Wordtracker or any other keyword tool you like to use.

Let’s get you some of the most powerful informaiton you could have in helping you do research for getting yourself more traffic:

Your “Path” To Guide Your Traffic ALong

Knowing the best path to your destination is vitally important!  We can show you a super easy to copy template that will move your customers from not knowing who you are to purchasing again and again with you!

the Every customer follows a specific path to whatever they purchase. If you can envision that path, you can optimize every part to increase conversion, income, and overall customer happiness.
This is your system for selling ANYTHING, not just digital info products or software. This path should be followed for physical products, services, and anything else you care to sell.

Keep this in mind as we go and ensure that you have your customer paths fully optimized to generate revenue for you.


I’ve been “writing” content for years. Over time, I developed a strategy that gets the best content out of my head and onto the page.

First, you need to come up with what you’re going to write about. If you can’t come up with any ideas, check out viral style blogs like Upworthy or Perez Hilton. Take their posts and figure out how to change what they write about to suit your customers.

Next, create a list of topics you’ll be covering in each paragraph. You’ll want between 3 and 7 paragraphs for a single piece of content.

Then transform each topic into a sentence.

Now elaborate on each topic with a few additional sentences to complete each paragraph.

Finally, close out your content with a clear call to action.

This can be applied to written content, video scripts, podcasts, etc… I’ve even used this strategy to complete a book in a few days.


This is an incredibly simple idea that you can apply to create content on topics you know nothing about.

First, you need to find the best content on the topic you need and the easiest way to do it is to search Google.

When you find info you want to include, copy and paste it into a document. Any word processor you normally use is fine.

Pay no attention to whether it’s making any sense while you continue through this process.

Once you’re happy with all of the content you’ve found, begin to organize it into an order that makes sense. You’ll need to make sure you have at least 5 paragraphs by the time you get to this point.

Finally, go through and rewrite each sentence into your own words.

Now, you’ve cheated your way to useable content without ever having to learn the topic.


The secret to outsourcing great content is to NOT provide just keywords. Provide HEADLINES.

These sites have pretty much perfected their headline game:


Swipe the headline setup and replace keyword phrases they’ve used with ones that apply to the content you want created.

They’ve always done a great job. I’ve purchased as many as 25 articles at a time and have been generally happy with what I get back.

The few times I’ve found issues with their content, they’ve always fixed it. Make sure you read through every piece of content you get back from them. If anything isn’t good enough, let them know and they’ll get you new content to replace it.


Content Creation Report URL –

Forum Traffic

Forums are the original social network.

We can show our TNMC members how to use forums in a very powerful and easy way – that will get you traffic by the boatload!

Forums are websites that are set up for people to have an on-going conversation regarding their personal experience within the subject of the forum. Search for your main keywords with the term “forum” added to it. Be sure to use both Google and Yahoo to make sure you’re using the highest ranked forums online. You discuss issues with people in your area of business.

The marketing part comes in what is called a signature. In your signature, you are allowed to post links to your websites.

You are permitted to use only certain things in your signature, so be sure to read the forum rules before adding anything to your signature at all.

Here is how you market yourself on forums:

Post 4 – 5 (or more) times daily with valuable information immediately upon joining a forum.
Do not post your signature until 2 to 3 weeks after you join (all of your previous posts will add your signature automatically, so don’t worry about having to go and edit any previous posts.

There are two types of code used in signatures to generate a link on a forum:

Html Link: <a href=”url”>Text to be displayed</a>

Forum code link: [url=”url”]Text to be displayed[/url]

To market on a forum, you don’t market at all. This must sound odd, but it’s the honest truth. You give honest and helpful information and you will receive visitors to your website.

Once you fill up the forums in your niche, broaden it. Selling online is something we all do and has hundreds of forums.

Some forums have an area where you can post your services or products. Do not post to these until you have generated some decent posts. If you join a forum and head straight for the advertising section, you’ll get very bad results. Wait until you add your signature and then post in the advertising area.