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Video Marketing

Traffic From Videos

Most of us have watched videos online , many of us have done some marketing with them.

The most basic reason for using videos in our marketing is simple.. just think, which would you rather do, read a bunch of text or watch a video?

Most people will more quickly click to watch a video before deciding to read a page of copy, so this video teaching you how to take advantage of that fact can be very valuable to you as you seek to increase traffic to your website(s).

Our own Ross Goldberg hosted a “Summit” on internet marketing; and one of his speakers couldn’t make his time slot, so Ross prepared a video presentation and gave it at the summit.

We think you will find some awesome info in this video and the items taught are pretty easy to do as well.

Awesome and easy, what a great combination!  The first couple of minutes of the video have some minor sound issues, but they pass pretty quickly.

If you use the information taught in this video, you will get traffic from videos!

So here… here’s an excellent video on video marketing:

[svpVideo v=1]


Great!  Now you are ready for our Ninja Report:

Ninja Video Marketing Report


CPV Traffic Networks

Cost Per View Advertising

cost per view advertising

CPV is awesome, because it allows you to get very specific and very  targeted traffic.

With CPV you pay per one impression as opposed to CPM where you pay per thousand impressions.

Here’s how it works.

Some one surfing on the internet chooses to downloads a screensaver, or a  toolbar, or smileys and emoticons you see everywhere, or pretty much anything.

Along with that software, which is installed on their computers, a user has to agree to additionally install the adware program.

From then on when that person browses the web, they get popups or pop-unders with ads.

As advertiser, you can promote your ads and they’ll be shown to those users browsing the web.

And no, the popups cannot be blocked as they are already delivered from the program running in the background.

You will pay about a penny, or what ever your bid price was per each of those showings.

Here’s an excellent video by Justin Brooks on his half a penny strategy.

[svpVideo v=2]



CPV Networks:

Retargeting For Traffic


Have you ever experienced when you went to a site, then later you noticed it was following you around the net and you were seeing it everywhere?

That is retargeting.  How about if you could get your site following around anyone who had seen it?

This video is from Summit Marketing and you will see a segment taught on retargeting.

Steve is a PPC master on all fronts. He manages paid marketing for numerous companies while his wife (Laura) does the organic (SEO) stuff.

What you will pick up is how to use display advertising.. or using images in your ads and how to do it very, very well so that you get a great deal of traffic to your website.

In his presentation, Steve is going to show you how to get extremely cheap clicks and better manage any adwords campaigns you setup. Watch for his content network and display ad parts, they were my favorites.

[svpVideo v=1]



Here’s a PDF on the Retargeting Presentation:

Presentation PDF

Here are the best of the Retargeting Platforms:


Social Media Video Training

Social Media is one hot way to get yourself traffic!

The video below  has the best overview of social media marketing that we’ve ever seen.  It’s worth watching every second.

[svpGlobalVideo v=1]

Every single one of these sites can be figured out by doing one simple thing.

Explore their navigation.

That’s it.

If there is a way to interact with your prospects, you should.


If only it was that easy…

How do you reach them the right way?

How do you advertise without offending?

How do you facilitate positive relationships without sounding and/or looking like a spammer?

The key is to only post valuable content and actually interact with your audience in a way that makes them feel like a part of your community.

Social networking is all about community. If your prospects feel special and you help them with their goals, they’re going to enjoy listening to you and interacting with you online.

You can provoke this kind of feeling by giving them things that they can use. Useful websites, ideas, and a feeling of overall community between you and your other prospects will increase interaction and interest with your following.

This is where strategy comes into play. Figure out what your audience wants to hear about from you. Find locations to get updates and information they’ll want to see and visit them for a moment or two every day. Find a list of resource sites your prospects will enjoy and bookmark them for later sharing.

Then, share.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of Social Networking sites

List of Social Networks



Where and how you share these ideas is going to be based upon you and your audience.

You need to communicate in a way that comes easy to you and your prospects can absorb. Videos, blog posts, articles, audio, etc…

Don’t forget to download your Social Marketing Guide:

Social Marketing Guide PDF

Facebook List Building Secrets With Dr. Ben Adkins and Ross Goldberg

Would you like to know how to trun FaceBook into your own private traffic machine?

TNMC members get an “Insiders” video recording of our own Ross Goldberg & Dr. Ben Adkins’ event that teaches “the”  Facebook audience building strategy. It’s awesome.

And you get a very special Facebook “Goody” download too…

The good stuff starts about 6 minutes in.

[svpGlobalVideo v=2]

Facebook Goody Download

Culture Crafting – Gain YOUR Traffic Cult

We want to teach you how to do something big!  We’re going to show you how wto do your own Culture crafting!

This is who you are going to gain your own personal traffic cult.

Have you ever noticed how Apple customers are insanely loyal and behave as though they’re in a cult?

Culture Crafting For Your Own Traffic Cult

What if you could have that for your own products and services? You need to experience “Culture Crafting”

Erik is going to share something very unique with you. Have you ever noticed how Apple customers are insanely loyal and behave as though they’re in a cult? What if you could have that for your own products and services? You need to experience “Culture Crafting”


[svpVideo v=1]

Now let’s get you a top resource:


Your Branding Guide