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Cost Per View Advertising

cost per view advertising

CPV is awesome, because it allows you to get very specific and very  targeted traffic.

With CPV you pay per one impression as opposed to CPM where you pay per thousand impressions.

Here’s how it works.

Some one surfing on the internet chooses to downloads a screensaver, or a  toolbar, or smileys and emoticons you see everywhere, or pretty much anything.

Along with that software, which is installed on their computers, a user has to agree to additionally install the adware program.

From then on when that person browses the web, they get popups or pop-unders with ads.

As advertiser, you can promote your ads and they’ll be shown to those users browsing the web.

And no, the popups cannot be blocked as they are already delivered from the program running in the background.

You will pay about a penny, or what ever your bid price was per each of those showings.

Here’s an excellent video by Justin Brooks on his half a penny strategy.

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