Q:What is The Net Millionaires Club and what do I get if I join?

A:The Net Millionaires Club ( TNMC ) is a a project made of three sections or parts. They are (1) Traffic Software (2) Funnel Pro’s marketing system and (3) the affiliate system created so that members who wish not only have alll the traffic they will ever want but have a product that is probably one of the top sellers of any product or service online, which is the sales of legitimately good traffic and a business opportunity to go with it.


Q: What else will I need to buy?

A:Could be absolutely nothing. Or you may want to order instant real traffic with out learning how to get it yourself, and so there are choices on traffic packages that you may choose to buy from time to time. This being said please realize we offer unlimited auto-resopnders, customer follow up marketing and tracking, email campaigns, video lead pages, phone and text broadcasting and more, all included in the Net Millionaires Club Membership.


Q:What is my total cost to be in the Net Millionaires Club?

A: At time of launch the $495.00 buy in price is waived and the $167.00 monthly fee is reduced to $97 for both the traffic software and the marketing system. You would be hard pressed to find anything else you could possibly need to run a successful internet empire.


Q: What is your guarantee?
A: We offer a “current billing period only” refund policy. This means if you are a month to month member and decide you want to quit and you also require a refund then you may have either a full refund or a pro-rated refund for the current billing period. We do not refund previous billing periods.There is no further billing on all accounts that members have asked to be closed.


Q: What does your The Net Millionaire Software do?

A:This software is the first of it’s kind and we believe the new benchmark of traffic for those people on the net who wish to have massive visitors to their chosen websites. One of the top experts in traffic in the World wrote the entire program, recorded all the training videos and created charts and PDF’s in the amazing “How To Get Real Traffic” course. Additionally there are “Order Traffic” buttons where members can get excellent pricing on excellent traffic that they wish to have with no effort on their part other than ordering it.


Q: Does your software really get me traffic? And is it any good?

A: We guarantee that if you use our materials and resources and or order traffic from us, you will get real traffic of value and many times of such a value that you have never gotten it before.


Q: What if I have more questions?

A:Then simply contact our support using the link on this site.  We make every effort to reply to help requests within 24 business hours, Monday – Friday and often Saturdays as well.