Forum Traffic

Forums are the original social network.

We can show our TNMC members how to use forums in a very powerful and easy way – that will get you traffic by the boatload!

Forums are websites that are set up for people to have an on-going conversation regarding their personal experience within the subject of the forum. Search for your main keywords with the term “forum” added to it. Be sure to use both Google and Yahoo to make sure you’re using the highest ranked forums online. You discuss issues with people in your area of business.

The marketing part comes in what is called a signature. In your signature, you are allowed to post links to your websites.

You are permitted to use only certain things in your signature, so be sure to read the forum rules before adding anything to your signature at all.

Here is how you market yourself on forums:

Post 4 – 5 (or more) times daily with valuable information immediately upon joining a forum.
Do not post your signature until 2 to 3 weeks after you join (all of your previous posts will add your signature automatically, so don’t worry about having to go and edit any previous posts.

There are two types of code used in signatures to generate a link on a forum:

Html Link: <a href=”url”>Text to be displayed</a>

Forum code link: [url=”url”]Text to be displayed[/url]

To market on a forum, you don’t market at all. This must sound odd, but it’s the honest truth. You give honest and helpful information and you will receive visitors to your website.

Once you fill up the forums in your niche, broaden it. Selling online is something we all do and has hundreds of forums.

Some forums have an area where you can post your services or products. Do not post to these until you have generated some decent posts. If you join a forum and head straight for the advertising section, you’ll get very bad results. Wait until you add your signature and then post in the advertising area.