TV Is Traffic

We do TV advertising Big!  

This commercial spot is scheduled to begin airing live on June 13, 2016, and will show approximately 200 times per week!

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With national advertising including 200 television commercials a month, we’re planning on being the company that everyone is talking about.

With stunning graphics a killer website and the dream product of internet marketers Worldwide — real traffic!

If you are an affiliate with us, then this is unbelievable news as you can cash in on this name recognition when you are advertising your TNMC site.


You can get in on this too…

With our massive television exposure and fantastic relationships, we can get you a custom TV commercial made and spots airing on television for much less than you can imagine.

Another way for you to benefit is to have a custom video spot made with your URL on the TV Spot instead of ours and you can use that video in your marketing!

If you have an interest in getting a TV commercial and appearing on television or getting a video of the TV spot with your URL on it so that you can set up your splash page for The Net Millionaires Club, send an email to and we’ll get you a  rate card and more info.

We do this stuff all day long and it is very easy for you to get a TV commercial or video for website marketing, because all we’ll need to deliver your work is the URL you want to use and your order form!

We do so much TV advertising and commercial spots production that we can get you a custom web video, TV commercial, TV air time or all of the above for a very, very reasonable rate.

We’re also opening up a TV advertising Co-Op with some very excellent pricing ( we make it easy for members to get in on this too )
which we will be opening up here near the end of June 2016 after we have launched and  seen that all our systems are working properly for our members.