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We want the members of TNMC to know about and consider using infographics to gain more traffic.

Data posted from Unbounce, says that the demand for infographics from the public has exploded by 800% in the last few years!

If you want to create infographics with the potential to send a portion of that exploding audience of qualified visitors to your site then, you’ll want to take note of this module.

If you have Photoshop CC and know how to use it, you may be able to create a good solid infographic without using a third party  but most of us can’t.

So here is a great list of links that will get you started if you are not a professional graphic designer



Believe it or not the first step to making a good infographic is starting with solid data…

The key to any infographic is to provide a series of data points.

Your goal as the marketer creating it is to prove a point and lead someone to your company or one of your products. Most infographics are simply done wrong.

Use the aggregators below (in accordion) to find data points related to what you sell. If you sold mattresses, sleep data would be viable to you. Pain management data could be used, too.

Data Aggregator Links




Links to Submit the Infographic - Aggregators and Directories

Here is a short list:



Submit Infographics to our Infographic Directory

Submit Infographics

Review My Infographic


Submit Infographics – Share Your Infographics (Paid)

Submit Infographic (videos only)

Submit infographic


Submit an Infographic

Submit Infographics to our Infographic Directory (Paid) (Paid)


Be creative in this part and think about the underlying problems your products solve…

Solve a problem and traffic will follow!

Planning – Wireframe

Create a basic visual layout for infographics. Use data points and plan out which data goes where.

This is extremely helpful for a designer if you end up hiring someone else to create it for you and not using the links we provided above.

You can often find good designers very inexpensively on

I’ve provided editable templates for you below that you can use in a photo editing software to create your own infographic.

See –

Always share your original infographic post to your social network to increase the odds of viral exposure.

Now take a few minutes to download your free Infographic Template and Designs by clicking the button below.

Infographic Template and Designs Zip