Parasite SEO

Parasite SEO is the ultimate shortcut. 

You post content on a site that automatically ranks well in Google and end up ranking much easier than with a new domain or website. Some sites will be easier to post to than others. 

For instance, Wikipedia has overly active page editors that will almost instantly remove any edits to a page they’ve posted. It’s not worth the trouble to continually fight one of them if they delete something you post, simply move onto another option. 

Last SEO Secret Parasite SEO Course:

Here is an incredible list of videos and resources and is a complete stand alone system in itself.

We included it here in your TNMC membership as one of our primary members and resident Traffic Guru, Ross Goldberg actually created and hosted this event and course.

Secret Parasite SEO Course

Here is a list of places to use for Parasite SEO: