Press Release Traffic

Press releases for traffic

Did you know that press releases can get you traffic?

And it’s the traffic from someone who has just read all about your product or service and now are coming to your website to find out more!

Submitting press releases gets you exposure on sites like Google and Yahoo News©, along with many other websites related to your business.

Press releases generate targeted traffic and then some.

What do you think would happen if you were featured in a large magazine or on a television interview? You would get a ton of traffic to your website.

Press releases must be formatted for the press and not as an advertisement.

You must tease the reader and hope that a valuable member of the press will want to know more about you.

You can submit as many press releases as you want for any relevant event.

Some examples of reasons to post a press release are:

– A new website
– A special sale
– A promotion within your company (New CEO)
– A new product
– A special event
– A strategic partnership
– An award received

You can use free distribution sites but the best premium press release site is

Here is the basic format for a decent press release to promote a website:



The headline should capture your readers’ attention and include your best keyword.

– The summary should arouse curiosity in the reader to read the rest of your press release. It is very important to make it interesting and not dull.

City, State – date – Intro statement

The intro statement should read like a story and begin to answer who, what, when, why, and how. DON’T pitch your website here. At the first “whiff” of a pitch people are going to be turned off from your release.
Instead of pitching you should continue to “tease” the reader into wanting to find out more information by visiting your website.

You can start with a quotation or a statement that gets attention. It should speak to a hot-button that the media can quickly begin to picture for a story… or give other readers an intriguing story so they want to learn more about you on your website.

Now expand on your intro statement.

You can include quotes or statements here to add news value. Statistics are also useful, but should be simple and to the point.

A Tip or Topic List

Examples For A Tip List Include:
– 7 Quick and Easy Ways To Lose Weight
– 10 Ways To Stay Hydrated During Hot Days
– 5 Ways To Have Your Kids Stay Safe This Halloween

Examples For A Topic List Include:
– There are 3 different reasons people fail with diets
– There are 10 causes of tooth decay
– There are 7 reasons parents fail when raising their child

For the topics you would expound on each one and tell what you are.

These topic and tip lists should give a taste of what else you have to offer. Make it short and sweet with the purpose of leading the reader to want to contact you or visit your website and buy.

Summary or Concluding Sentence

Mention your website here, explain how it will help the public.

Example: Dr. John Smart studies the effects of tooth decay and publishes his results in a free monthly electronic magazine entitled, “Tooth Decay Chronicles.”

Contact (your name) for more insights into this topic. Direct line: (555) 555-5555 Email: Other helpful information regarding the can be found at:

Important Note: It is important to include the website URL that you want ranked at least 1 time in your body and at least twice for the entire release.

For More Information Contact:
Your Contact Information

Your Audience

Write to your audience with a press release. If you want media exposure and are pretty sure you can get it, go for it! If you are happy with pulling in a few new customers, then customize your release to speak directly to them.

Don’t be shy! If you have a story that would fit your local news, pick up the phone and find out where to send your release for their consideration. If you have contacts at a local TV station, use them.

Here’s a great PDF On Getting Media Exposure: