Retargeting For Traffic


Have you ever experienced when you went to a site, then later you noticed it was following you around the net and you were seeing it everywhere?

That is retargeting.  How about if you could get your site following around anyone who had seen it?

This video is from Summit Marketing and you will see a segment taught on retargeting.

Steve is a PPC master on all fronts. He manages paid marketing for numerous companies while his wife (Laura) does the organic (SEO) stuff.

What you will pick up is how to use display advertising.. or using images in your ads and how to do it very, very well so that you get a great deal of traffic to your website.

In his presentation, Steve is going to show you how to get extremely cheap clicks and better manage any adwords campaigns you setup. Watch for his content network and display ad parts, they were my favorites.

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Here’s a PDF on the Retargeting Presentation:

Presentation PDF

Here are the best of the Retargeting Platforms: