Research For Traffic

Some members choose to enjoy simply ordering traffic from their THMC Traffic App and getting the highest quality of visitors available.

Some of our members want to learn how to get excellent  traffic.  And some want both methods.

This section is for our members who wish to learn how to get the best traffic for themselves, because your initial research with good answers for your marketing campaigns is where you best begin.

These worksheets are quite simple to fill in. All you do is answer questions and fill in the blanks.

For demographics data, type in your biggest competitor’s website into either Quantcast or Compete.

For Market research, use Google and social websites. Read through the social research PDF for extra help.

For Keyword research, use Wordtracker or any other keyword tool you like to use.

Let’s get you some of the most powerful informaiton you could have in helping you do research for getting yourself more traffic: