Social Media Advertising

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Almost everyone who has been on a computer, has  been on Facebook or Twitter,  or some,  or all of the many social media platforms online.

What we want to show you is how to get your message, your site out on these outlets so that more and more people can be introduced to your site, join your list and buy from you!



It’s silly to build a fan page that you’ll only reach 3 – 5% (or less) of when you post something. Yet, you’ll still need to have one to run your ads. Make sure your fan page exists, but I wouldn’t worry too much about posting to it.

If you’re doing heavy content marketing, go ahead and link to your content on your page.

Don’t get frustrated if you don’t get much of a response. Facebook wants you to pay them for traffic and you’ll get very little attention organically in most markets.

If you get the right ad and the right audience, FB is a great source of traffic.

The secret to doing it right is to target one specific audience with an ad, not dozens at a time.

Choose 6 images and set up your ad. You can get free photos from here or here.

Next, select a single audience.

Finally, select a single delivery method (desktop, mobile, or right sidebar). Do not select more than one at a time.

Lastly, set it up for the other delivery methods.

After running your ad for a few hours, Facebook will choose your winners for you (based upon performance). Delete the ones they stop showing and add new images to test.

If your ad isn’t performing after $10 – $20, rewrite your ad and test new images.

Repeat this process for other audiences once you have an ad that is working.

The reason to set it up this way is to give you the ability to test the ad with each audience and each delivery method individually. It gives you the ability to see what is working and what isn’t with the least amount possible invested in an ad that isn’t working.

Twitter twittercard

What you see above is Twitter’s interface to create a twitter card for your website. You only get 140 characters to lure someone into clicking through, so be creative and use what you’ve learned about writing solid headlines. When you tweet from an account, any of your followers that are online will see what you post.

When you transform a tweet into an ad, it keeps the tweet high up in your target’s newsfeed. Depending on who you’re targeting, twitter can be an incredibly viable traffic source and the ads are generally very cheap!

When posting an ad, be sure to use a link that is specific to Twitter. You want to be able to see whether the traffic is creating sales.

Test out a low budget ad and see how it works for you. If it’s generating a positive ROI, raise your budget!

Linkedin My tests on Linkedin led to very little success, but this formula works on all platforms:
Test an image, one audience, and one set of ad text.
Devote $20 – $30 for testing.
If you generate clicks and sales from the test, raise your budget. If you don’t, try a new image, audience, or ad text.

Only change one at a time. While this can get expensive if your ads are continuing to underperform, eventually you will find a set that works for you.

YouTube The one thing most people get wrong with YouTube ads is thinking that they have to be using videos as their ads. Don’t forget that you can use banners, too.

If you are going to be using an ad, try testing it to your social following to see if it will perform before you spend money to show it to any new audience. If it performs, set a small budget and see if it converts.

If it does, raise your budget. If it doesn’t, restart the process.

Let’s get you some of the hottest resources there are to help you market on social media effectively: