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The Net Millionaires Club members have the very best traffic resources available on the net.

With the level of talent and success of our team  who put together the TNMC traffic app, you can be assured that you are now in direct contact with the top people providing the best traffic resources and ordering online.

We do want to share though some thoughts as you may choose to know the thinking we use when considering any source selling solo ads…

A big shot internet marketer’s personal list -this in my opinion is the top one or two best sources for you to advertise with to get optimum results.

When I started out many years ago there was  a fella named Howard Moreland who had a huge list.  Another gentleman of whom I now call friend, Mike Glaspie is another well known marketer with huge lists.

So in the beginning, I would buy a solo ad from them, this was starting in about 1997 and I remember paying $2,000.00 for a send from either of them.

$2,000.00 was a lot of money for me.  Was then, still is.  But… when I would send a solo to their list, I would always make my money back in 24 hours of their sending it.

This was for two reasons, I write very good copy and offer really cool stuff and good price points.

So I would spend a couple of thousand bucks, make my money back and end up with 200-600 new subscribers on my list.

This works only when you find someone who does not typically sell their list out.

The next category of solo ads will cover services that are set up just to sell solo ads.  This is a far cry from finding this gem, and will be discussed below…

Here’s how to get one of these types of solo ads and how sometimes get it free.

First, sometime when you find a site that you really like and is in the same catatgory as your site and stuff you are selling, make a note of it.

Go to that site and find an email address.

TIP: if you can not find an email address try looking for a support link.

TIP: When writing be very, very, very courteous and brief.  If you like the site probably so do others and that means they may have a lot of business going so they are not necessarily looking at emails from people who want something from them.

So write them an email and if you have a significant list of your own, offer to trade a solo ad send.

You can say, I have 1,000 active subscribers on my list would you be interested in sending me a solo ad that I can send to them, and then I can send you an ad to send to 1,000 of your subscribers.

You will not get a “Yes” everytime, but when you do it can be like finding a gold nugget the size of your foot!

If you do not have a list and it is your product you can offer a crazy affiliate commission just so that you build your list of buyers.  Typically 75%+.

Just be courteous and nice as if you happen to email someone who is also courteous and nice you may end up with a “deal”.


An “Insiders” real solo ad source from SEO experts – This is a tie for first place in the world of getting solo ads that convert into money in your pocket and a larger list.

However if you have ever read, “Guru’s don’t want you to know their secrets”, this may be one of the very few times this is true.

Having a real traffic source that works, is like being a guy and having a cologne that makes every woman on the planet instantly attracted to you.

In other words, if you have it, you will guard it with your life and probably not be real quick to pour it out or give it away.

With that in mind, there are some traffic solo ad sources that are good and truth be known, there are only a very few that are real good and all the rest you see are either, not good or are all buying from one of the few sources that are.

That is why you can order “clicks” for over a buck from a few services and get great clicks, because they are all buying from the same source and paying $1.00+ per click.

We don’t want to brag but TNMC.. we are connected to that source in a way that we can not share, but you can know… we have the solo traffic from people that want to see websites that have business opportunities, affiliate programs and ways to make money, and we do not charge you over a $1.00 a click for it.

A solo ad from a solo ad service – This can also be an excellent source of traffic and visitors for you.

You will want to have a splash page that is excellent, meaning it converts.

No using company splash pages from some other company where they may be “cookied” by seeing another affiliates site that is just like yours, and then you buy the solo ad, they buy it and some one who showed them the same site earlier gets the sale and commission.

Always, always, always use your own splash page and make it a good one.

Keep in mind the Dale Carnigue quote and you should do fine: Attention, Desire, Interest, Conviction, Close.

Another little saying you can remember when creating or paying someone to create your splash page is, RADIO STATION WIIFM

What’s In It For Me!

If everything on your splash page is only about what the benefit is for your visitor you will probably end up with a splash page that converts!

A solo ad from an online Traffic Exchange type website these can be sometimes good, sometimes worthless, Typically they are cheap so if you are running a good splash paget then you can quickly tell if you are getting your money’s worth before you spend very much of your money buying more.



We have compiled a list of solo ad providers outside of the TNMC
traffic app:

Solo Ad Providers