The Copy Them Technique

Have you ever heard the saying, “Don’t re-intent the wheel’?

Or “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it”..

These truisms apply to internet marketing as well.

Here’s how,  if there is a successful ad and you modify it hopefully improve it just a little and make it yours, you will have successfully done the “Copy them technique”!

This is great becasue it means you have a proven ad that someone else has gone thru the expence and time to create and test.

Note:  Do not steal someone elses anything. This includes ads, copy, images…

But let’s say you find an ad that is really pulling in well. One way to tell if this is  true is if you see it being used for a considerable length of time.

Meaning, advertisers are not going to continue to pay to place an ad that is not converting well, as they are soon going to run out of money.

Got a favorite magazine or website that features advertisements about making money online?

If so, go there and make a note of who has been there awhile, use the archive of publications if they have one.  Most will.

So if there is one pulling well, a great technique is to imitate it, meaning change the wording enough to make it yours, or the image or color…


We’ve found three services that will show you what your competition is doing:



So that you are not stealing someone else’s ad – and you will instantly have your own ad that is already proven to convert well.

Now, if you have a traffic source like the TNMC ready to order ads or are following a TNMC technique to get your own traffic all you have to do is “drop” in your new proven ad for immediate success!

Here’s an image of what this process may look like for you:

Steal and Improve