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Whooo-Hoooo!  This is big right here!  We’re going to show you traffic by email…

Let’s start you out with a red hot video:

Content Marketing for List building

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This is one of the few topics here where the module could be a dozen videos, 20 documents, 8 process maps and still not cover everything.

Consider this: You push a button and become a traffic director.

That is what an email list is.

If you are able to contact your customers directly in their email, you can send them anywhere you want.
The most obvious place to direct them is to sites where they can buy from you, but there are other options you need to consider.

If the only messages you send equate to “buy this”, your prospects will stop reading what you send them eventually.

You must provide a reason for them to want to read what you’re sending them.

The easiest “reason” is to provide value related to what you sell.

Whether it’s a content filled newsletter that goes out every week or a monthly report, be sure to give them a reason to stick around and look forward to the emails you send out. People will stick around for awhile if you send out offers, but they’ll stick longer if you give them a good reason to.

Sign Up Psychology

Think about what goes through your mind before you enter in your name and email address into someone else’s subscriber box. We’ve all done it, but most of it has been totally unconscious.
If you start to tune into your thoughts and feelings before you subscribe or buy you will notice that it always comes down to one thing.


Responsive lists are ones that give a “targeted prospect” an irresistible incentive to subscribe. In fact, you have to sell the person on why they should subscribe to your list rather than any one of the millions of other lists.
The key is to NOT make your list for everyone. That’s right. Read that again.

If your list is for everyone, your list is for no one.

You may be thinking that you want as many subscribers as possible. But if you get a bunch of subscribers that don’t care about your offer and don’t like you, you are not benefiting from having them on your list. What you want to do is make your stated benefits be targeted toward a certain group of people.

For example, people interested in building computers would love an ezine (digital newsletter) that shows them how to boost computer performance. People only interested in the sport of golf are not going to be signing up for lists that show them how to improve their batting average.

Now there are a few different ways to capture names which we will get into in a second. Regardless of how you get the list, you always want to have some kind of clear visible opt-in box on your website that clearly states the exact benefit someone will get from becoming one of your “valued subscribers”.

Benefits that Matter

Not all benefits are created equal.

It’s important to say that whatever you decide to do online you should be passionate about. If you are not passionate about your business and your website you will not put your heart into your business and it will eventually fail.

That being said…

Before you begin to even setup your list the first thing you should do is research your target market to get a feel for what people are REALLY looking for.

There are a couple tools you can use to improve your market intelligence. This may not be the sexiest part of the job but it’s probably the most important part. If you don’t know what people want, how can you give it to them? You can always guess, but do you think the top list-builders are guessing? gives you insight into the audience of a website (yours or someone else’s). The value in that is being able to cater your language to your specific market. You’ll be able to focus on things that specifically resonate with your prospects.

Forums in your niche can be very helpful, too. Simply search Google for your main keywords, plus the word “forum” or “discussion group”. Be sure to look for complaints and questions from your potential customers then you are empowered to solve their problems!

Once you really know what your market wants it’s time to give it to them. Don’t wait and don’t procrastinate!
There are a few ways to present your benefits to visitors that come to your site.

A free Gift – people love free stuff, especially if you put a price on it.
A multiple part free ecourse
Ongoing training and tips
A special discount
A membership- people love to be part of a group or association that they can relate to.
The ability to ask questions
Interviews with experts

So…now that you’ve sold your prospects on the benefits it’s time to polarize them and deliver on your promise. The first thing to keep in mind is that everyone has a different style of teaching, communicating and relaying information.

Once they sign up, it’s a great time to offer them something to purchase. It shouldn’t be a huge leap of faith or high cost product, unless that’s the only thing you sell. Focus on giving something very special and let them know that it’s “they’re the type of person you want to work with”.

E-courses should be delivered over a short period of time to train your list members to open your emails.

With aweber, use the “follow up” feature (goes out to every member at your specified intervals) and space your messages properly. They are automatically set at 4 days apart. You should actually send the messages daily or every other day to get them used to hearing from you. “Broadcasts” are one time messages that will go out only to current members of your list. If you plan on promoting products to your list, be sure to start during your e-course.

Otherwise, your members will get upset when the promos start rolling in.

Ongoing training and tips should be a part of your messages, even if they are blatant promotions. Always be teaching something to show your expertise and ensure that your members see you as the “go-to person” in your niche.

If you educate your list members on why what you are promoting is important and how it will improve their lives or income, they won’t be turned off by your recommendations (promotions). Experts sell products, plain and simple.

Discounts are simple enough to show, but be aware that it’s easier to sell people over time. In research it’s shown that people normally need to see a product 7 times before investing in it.

So before you try doing a hundred sales a month, make sure your message and product benefits are being communicated from every angle. If you start running discounts and sales on your own products now stop, your message gets watered down and the prospect has no immediate reason to buy because they know next week you’ll just have another sale.

A free membership program is an outstanding way to interact with people. Provide a value that people will see as a solution. Offer an upsell to a platinum or special membership that offers more.

Being able to “ask the expert” is very attractive to someone that is trying to learn how to do something online. This can be done through a forum or Facebook group and is a great way to distribute your work, time and expertise. It’s extremely effective if done properly. Be sure to check in on them often.

Don’t get upset if you have any people that leave, you actually want them to. If you don’t have anyone unsubscribing it means you’re too plain for everyone to get noticed. Just deliver the benefits you promised in your own unique way.

If you try to impersonate another person’s style you will do terrible because your message and “online personality” won’t flow properly.

It never hurts to implement ideas you learned in business or marketing but continue to be yourself, it’s often the only thing that sets you apart from others and can be the difference between someone staying on your list or going to someone else’s similar list.

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