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Having your own blog is an absolute necessity.

A blog or weblog is a website you can easily update and post to on a daily basis to keep your customers and potential customers know what is going on in your business, industry, and even you personally. Blogging is a simple art that must be mastered to keep your customers informed and generate more traffic and income for your company.

You can set up your blog with a blogging service like or you can set it up on your own hosting plan. The best choice for blogs on your website is WordPress.

The reason I recommend WordPress is that it is easily customizable.

You can install plug-ins to make your blog original and the experience more enjoyable.

Start off with providing articles you have written about your niche. Post an article every day for your first week online. After this you can pepper in promotional posts between articles.

The articles are a way to drive visitors and once you get them there, you can do some minor promotion.

This is not a way of direct advertising. Keep your blog posts as informational as you can. Subtlety will get you everywhere with a blog. If someone senses advertising, they will click away before you get a chance to sell them on your products.

Typical things they love are top lists (7 ways to make more money in less time), controversy, gossip, anything funny, and other topics that will pull out their emotions.

Once you build a following, be sure to make it easy for your visitor to access your products and services.

You can post them to their own page, but also include links to them in your sidebar. That way they are available on every single page of your blog.

If you don’t have a lot of them, use some affiliate programs. You can also find advertisers and allow them to post an image or text link on your blog.

To find out what to charge, check other blogs and see what they charge for ads.

You want to find blogs with similar traffic to yours and once you find them, request an advertising quote.

Be sure to request more than one blog and compare the rates of as many as you can find.

Charge your rates based upon the average price that your competition has setup.

There are numerous widgets you can use on your blogs sidebar.

Widgets like Twitter, Facebook and tons of others.

There are thousands of plugins and widgets you can use on your blog.

Be sure to focus on your social presence and the ability for readers to spread around your ideas. Avoid things like games on a business style blog.

To really get ridiculous results, you should not only start one blog, but come up with a few sub-blogs you can set up.

Your main blog should be a WordPress blog hosted on your own hosting plan (installation instructions are above).

Your other blogs should be hosted by different sites (blogger, , tumblr, etc…).

This allows you to create an inner linking structure and pass visitors back and forth between your own blogs. Find out more about this below in the “Blog Syndicate” section.

Do very focused topics for sub-blogs and a wider topic for your main one.


Blogging Guide PDF :

Blogging Guide PDF

Every blog comes with an RSS feed. It automatically updates when you publish new posts. It also drives links and attention to them by posting them to these sites:

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