Video Marketing

Traffic From Videos

Most of us have watched videos online , many of us have done some marketing with them.

The most basic reason for using videos in our marketing is simple.. just think, which would you rather do, read a bunch of text or watch a video?

Most people will more quickly click to watch a video before deciding to read a page of copy, so this video teaching you how to take advantage of that fact can be very valuable to you as you seek to increase traffic to your website(s).

Our own Ross Goldberg hosted a “Summit” on internet marketing; and one of his speakers couldn’t make his time slot, so Ross prepared a video presentation and gave it at the summit.

We think you will find some awesome info in this video and the items taught are pretty easy to do as well.

Awesome and easy, what a great combination!  The first couple of minutes of the video have some minor sound issues, but they pass pretty quickly.

If you use the information taught in this video, you will get traffic from videos!

So here… here’s an excellent video on video marketing:

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Great!  Now you are ready for our Ninja Report:

Ninja Video Marketing Report